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Line Laser LES/LPS/LRS Leuze cognex

So wide, so tall

The integrated edge detection of 3D sensors determines the dimensions of objects or measures the exterior edges of web material products. The calibrated measurement data can easily be further processed via Ethernet, analog interface or fieldbus. Height, width and position measurements can be quickly and easily realized through configuration.

At home in all dimensions

The profile camera is used wherever height profiles need to be determined for moving or static objects. An additional encoder port supports the generation of calibrated 3D data. This opens numerous application possibilities, such as robot guidance as well as contour/volume measurements.

All objects simultaneously in view

Line range sensors are designed to perform scanning, two-dimensional object detection along a laser line. Up to 16 objects can be simultaneously detected with one sensor. Through configuration settings, complex detection tasks can be mastered with just one sensor. Results are output via Ethernet, fieldbus interfaces or binary switching outputs. A perfect solution, e. g., for multiple track transport or completeness monitoring.

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