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Ultraljudsensor rektangulär alla SP DI

Ultrasonic sensors may be a useful alternative where optical sensors come up against their physical limits. This applies, for example, for objects with uneven surfaces or under difficult ambient conditions, or with highly transparent media as well as moving, highly reflective liquid surfaces. For example as a result of its narrow sound cone, UT-20-S allows the detection of objects even through the smallest of openings and drilled holes with a diameter of less than 5 mm.

  • Reliable detection of objects with critical surfaces and highly transparent objects
  • Simple adjustment via teach-in, control input or IO-link
Filtrera Sortera
Antal artiklar 17
US Q12 M 200 G3-T4 Ultrasonic SensorsDI-210962US Q12 M 200 G3-T4 Ultrasonic Sensors20-200mm12x12x75mm1.0mm / 0.5mm
US Q12 M 200 IU-T4 Ultrasonic SensorsDI-210963US Q12 M 200 IU-T4 Ultrasonic Sensors20-200mm12x12x75mm1.0mm / ±0.40% FS
US Q12 M 400 G3-T4 Ultrasonic SensorsDI-210964US Q12 M 400 G3-T4 Ultrasonic Sensors40-400mm12x12x75mm1.0mm / 0.5mm
US Q12 M 400 IU-T4 US-Q12DI-210968US Q12 M 400 IU-T4 US-Q1240-400mm12x12x75mm1.0mm / ±0.80% FS
UT 20-150-PSM4 150mm PNP M8 4-pinSP-693-11000UT 20-150-PSM4 150mm PNP M8 4-pin20-150mm32x23x12mm0.20mm / ±0.15%
UT 20-240-NSM4 SensorSP-693-11003UT 20-240-NSM4 Sensor50-240mm32x23x12mm0.20mm / ±0.15%
UT 20-240-PSM4 240mm PNP M8 4-pinSP-693-11002UT 20-240-PSM4 240mm PNP M8 4-pin50-240mm32x23x12mm0.20mm / ±0.15%
UT 20-700-AIM4 700mm ANA 4-20mA M8 4-pinSP-693-11011UT 20-700-AIM4 700mm ANA 4-20mA M8 4-pin120-700mm32x20x18 mm0.20mm / ±0.15%
UT 20-700-PSM4 700mm PNP M8 4-pinSP-693-11008UT 20-700-PSM4 700mm PNP M8 4-pin120-700mm32x20x18 mm0.20mm / ±0.15%