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Fotocell direkt alla rektangulär SP DI

Energetic retroreflective diffuse sensors are economic sensors with a transmitter and receiver in one housing. The working distance and the brightness of the object and background influence object detection, wherein bright objects can be recognized well against dark backgrounds.

  • Choice of LED or laser light (class 1)
  • User-friendly set-up via electronic teach-in key, control line, potentiometer or IO-link.
  • Sub-miniature sensors for installation in the smallest of spaces and in moving machine parts
  • The world’s smallest laser sensor with background suppression, adjustable via teach-in
  • Well thought-out mounting accessories for rapid and simple integration
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FT 10-RLH-PNSL-K4 SensorSP-600-11164FT 10-RLH-PNSL-K4 Sensor6-70mm21x15x8mmLaser, Red
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