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Serie 582/802/1102/22/36 Analog

Absolute encoder with freely configurable analog interface

The analog interface encoder is a true all-rounder. The multiturn position signal can be used as the basic variable for the 16-bit D/A converter and the speed signal can be used as well. Start and end point of the converted range can be freely set within the entire multiturn measuring range. Configure the analog signal output as voltage or current.

The desired settings can either be selected conveniently on the PC using TR's own software or, without any additional aids, directly using the button on the device. The button and the feedback indicator are protected by a cap and feedback is given via multi-color LEDs.

  • High precision optical: 15bit/turn, 18bit/turn
  • Robust magnetic: 13bit/ turn, 15bit/turn up to 256,000 revs
  • Servo flange, clamping flange, solid shaft up to 15mm
  • Slip-on hollow shaft, hollow through-shaft, both up to 15mm
  • Voltage or current set from software or button
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