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Serie LMR70 Analog

Triple redundant

When even more durability and reliability is required and in applications when the measuring systems are virtually inaccessible after installation, for example with hydraulic cylinders in weir orsluice gates etc., further measures must be taken to keep the system reliable throughout the lifespan of the application.

Three complete scanning units, consisting of a waveguide and receiver module, are integrated into a tube. This stainless steel protective tube is pressure-tight up to 400 bar (600 bar peak) and has a standard diameter of 10 mm.

Each measuring system has its own electrical connection with supply voltage and signal output, from power supply through sensor wire and receiving coil to output driver, all are configured in triplicate. Each user decides whether to operate the measuring systems on its own or, to increase reliability with triangulation, or a "2 from 3" evaluation.

  • Each of the three systems work alone
  • Can be used for „2 out of 3 analysis
  • For extended availability
  • For improved safety (with suitable safety module)
  • Measurement range 2 m
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